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‘Your lies are confusing… you may have dementia’ — Keyamo tackles Najaatu Mohammed for saying Tinubu has ’emperor mentality’

Festus Keyamo, spokesman of the Tinubu/Shettima presidential campaign council, has tackled Najaatu Mohammed for saying Bola Ahmed Tinubu has “emperor mentality”.

Najaatu, recently, resigned from the APC and joined Atiku Abubakar’s campaign.

She had alleged that Tinubu had dementia and that he could not hold a conversation.

But in an interview on Thursday, the politician said Tinubu has “emperor mentality”, a comment which contradicts her earlier statement.

Reacting to Najaatu’s statement, Keyamo said her comment shows that Tinubu is sharp-witted and of keen mind, and not suffering from dementia.

He said: “This is confusing: she has told Nigerians her self-serving lies that @officialABAT has dementia. But one who has ‘emperor mentality’ and ‘seeks to control’, must be sharp-witted and methodical. Which one should we believe, madam? Just cut the lies and campaign for your candidate.

“Now, this is the point: since this lady already told Nigerians earlier that @officialABAT has dementia and then later turns around to say he has ‘emperor mentality’ & ‘seeks to control Nigerians’ which are attributes of a sharp mind, the question is, who really has dementia now?”

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