‘We won’t surrender Nigeria to private fat cats’ — Sowore’s AAC highlights agenda

The African Action Congress (AAC) has highlighted its agenda for the 2023 presidential campaign.

Omoyele Sowore is the presidential candidate of the party.

According to a statement issued by Onyinye-Ghandi Chukwunyere, spokesman of the campaign, the party will not surrender the economy to private fat cats if it comes to power in 2023.

Below is the full statement.


“As campaigns for the 2023 elections officially commence, the African Action Congress (AAC) wishes to inform the Nigerian people that we are now engaged in a struggle for the total liberation of our country. As the only mass-based party in the country today with structures and programmes inspired by the struggles and aspirations of our people, we boldly assure them that we are absolutely committed to partnering with them to build a nation worthy of their sacrifices.

“To this end, our party and our presidential candidate, Omoyele Sowore, have carefully drawn up transformative programmes intended to decisely pull the country from the brink and administer it for the security and prosperity of our people.

“First, we intend to tackle the looming economic collapse by launching the most ambitious national infrastructure development programme since independence. This will immediately put millions of our people back to work earning a decent wage while building the foundations of our new economy.

“We’ll cleanse the rot in the power sector and light up Nigeria. Providing constant electricity will stimulate other productive forces within the economy while also unleashing the creative potential of our people. The direct effect will be unprecedented economic growth, poverty reduction, and a measurable rise in living standards.

“We’ll leverage technology to drive the economy and spur growth in all sectors. We’ll immediately improve access to funding for small businesses, and also take immediate steps to strengthen local manufacturing so that we can produce most of what we use.

“We’ll drive a technological revolution in Agriculture to enhance output, attain food sufficiency, and improve the farm-to-factory model so that we can retain more value by exporting finished products instead of raw materials. We’ll eradicate hunger from our land!

“We’ll tap into the talents of our youths by setting up Tech-hubs all over the country so as to unleash their entrepreneurial initiatives and drive growth through the expected geometric rise in the numbers of tech startups.

“We will stop oil theft, clean up the polluted environment of oil communities in the Niger Delta, and commit proceeds from oil and other natural resources to develop other sectors of the economy and ensure that the Nigerian people become the biggest beneficiaries of their own resources.

“To be clear, we’ll not surrender the commanding heights of our economy to private fat cats. We’ll ensure that the Nigerian people retain control of their economy, and run it for their sole benefit.

“On security, we’ll protect our territory and flush out all threats to the Nigerian people, both domestic and foreign. We’ll not negotiate with terrorists who kill our people and pillage our communities. No piece of Nigerian territory will be occupied by terrorists or other criminals. The Nigerian people will again sleep in peace trusting that their government will protect them. They will worship in their churches, mosques, and traditional places of worship without the fear of being slaughtered by cowardly psychopaths. We shall restore dignity and respect for the lives of our people, and we shall fully discharge our duty to protect them. To achieve this, we’ll revamp our nation’s security architecture, and strengthen our military through better training, equipment, and welfare, so as to motivate its rank and file. There’ll be no room for compromised or incompetent officers in the Nigerian army. All those profiting from insecurity will be shown the door.

“On education, we’ll make the most aggressive investment in the sector since amalgamation. We’ll invest in the modern teaching, learning, and research infrastructure required to launch our nation into the future. This investment shall cover pre-school through tertiary education. It will prepare our citizens for the challenges of the new age. Staff remuneration and welfare will be a priority. We’ll ensure that politicians do not earn more than professors. We’ll end the harmful trend of protracted industrial actions by academic and non-academic staff unions. Nigerian universities and research institutes will produce the knowledge and expertise we need to transform our country. We’ll review the current curriculum and modernize it to reflect the developmental needs of our country, and the true rendition of the history and accomplishments of our people. The era of imposing foreign models on uniquely Nigerian situations will end.

“We’ll make similar interventions in healthcare with the provision of state-of-the-art hospitals and primary health facilities to cater to the needs of our people. We’ll introduce a comprehensive healthcare package that guarantees access to every Nigerian as a right. We’re determined to ensure that no Nigerian dies from a deficit in healthcare infrastructure or challenges with access or affordability.

“As we launch our campaign in the great city of Kano, we’ll aggressively engage the Nigerian people who are already tired of the failed leadership of crooked politicians in the APC, the PDP, and the LP, and are preparing to get rid of them in 2023. In the coming days and weeks, Nigerians will see firsthand the need to embrace the Sowore/Magashi ticket, and the AAC platform for the 2023 elections

“Finally, we wish to assure the Nigerian people that the Sowore/Magashi ticket will bring an unconventional style to governance, and will not be afraid to step on toes in order to serve the interest of the people. They are not beholden to any godfather. Their primary constituencies are the Nigerian people, and that is why we are confident of victory in the coming elections.”

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