Three Sri Lankan athletes mysteriously ‘disappear’ from Commonwealth Games

Police are investigating after three members of the 161-strong Sri Lankan team at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham mysteriously vanished

Three athletes from Sri Lanka have mysteriously disappeared from the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

A wrestler, judo star and judo coach have not been seen since Monday.

The trio had previously surrendered their passports so are unable to leave the UK.

Officials have now removed documents from all remaining members of the Sri Lankan team in Birmingham.

The Sri Lankan team is comprised of 161 athletes and coaching staff, who were each granted standard 180-day visas by the government ahead of the Games.

Sri Lankan team spokesperson Gobinath Sivarajah said: “We have asked all athletes and officials to submit their passports to our respective venue officials in all the villages after the incident.

“The police are investigating and the three cannot cross the UK borders. What has happened is really unfortunate.”

A state of emergency has recently been declared in Sri Lanka amid a string of protests across the nation.

The country is in the midst of its worst economic crisis for more than 70 years with food, medicine and fuel beginning to run out.

It is therefore feared the trio may have vanished in a bid to avoid returning to their homeland.

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