Study: COVID vaccines linked to menstrual period changes, breakthrough bleeding

A new study by researchers in the USA shows that persons reported experiencing heavier bleeding during menstruation after receiving COVID vaccines.

The researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine received responses from over 35,000 participants who were “were vaccinated with Pfizer (N = 21,620), Moderna, (N = 13,001), AstraZeneca (N = 751), Johnson & Johnson (N = 3469), Novavax (N = 61), or other (N = 204) vaccines, with 23 not reporting vaccine type”.

The respondents vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson doses were, however, later excluded from the study, considering that it was the only vaccine that was administered as a single dose at the time.

According to the study published on July 15 in Science Advances, respondents reported differences in their periods, while breakthrough bleeding was also reported by persons who were in post-menopause — not experienced menstruation for up to a year —  as well as persons who were on contraceptives that “eliminates menstruation”.

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