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Now that you have been elected, by Ayo Oyalowo

Let me start by congratulating you on winning what is probably the most keenly contested election in Nigeria, since the return of democracy in 1999. Without a doubt, you would have gotten an enormous number of congratulatory messages both locally and internationally, I therefore join all Nigerians, your well wishers, supporters, and the global community to wish you all the best as you prepare to take the mantle of leadership, effective May 29th, 2023.

The campaign was long, hard and it was indeed vigorous, but one thing that was constant is your keen focus towards your plan of action, tagged “The Renewed Hope”. I can claim to be some sort of expert on that document, as I have had to read and digest it, because I was one of those saddled with the task of explaining, espousing, and educating fellow Nigerians on your plans, as a member of the public affairs committee of the APC presidential campaign council.

This plan of action is rich in focus, detailed in plan and very clear on the path of action. My purpose for penning this short treatise is to nudge your Excellency to action. I know there are still a few more weeks to your swearing-in, but I crave your indulgence that we start to put in place modalities to actualize these plans. I know the well worn cliche, “hit the ground running”, seems overused these days, but it remains true. Our country is in dire need of a new direction and methodology, and the earlier these plans are documented, and implementation plans commence, the earlier we can start to experience the renewed hope, as envisioned in your action plan.

It is true that the current President Buhari led administration has done a lot in terms of infrastructure, yet the reality is that there are still enormous challenges with the economy, power supply, etc. the current scarcity of Naira notes and some other decisions on fiscal policies, require review and reassessment.

The Nigerian youths are our bastion of hope; hence they must be carried along not only governance participation, but also in terms of fulfilling their yearnings and aspirations. We must prioritize them and urgently seek ways to provide a conducive environment for them to thrive and succeed.

The Renewed Hope document is big on industrialization, job creation etc. we must focus on ensuring that our people begin to see hope without further delay. You have a proven track record of successfully implementing this in Lagos State, we trust you to replicate it on a larger scale in Nigeria.

Once again, congratulations Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, The President-Elect of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The writer, Ayobami Oyalowo
is a political and development economist,
Based in Abuja and served as a member of the Public Affairs Committee
In the APC PCC.


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