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Maida emphasizes that transparency is the bedrock of telecom regulation


During a recent courtesy visit to the Hon. Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, Dr. Bosun Tijani in Abuja, Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), affirmed his commitment to fostering transparency as the cornerstone of his leadership in Nigeria’s telecommunications regulatory landscape. Emphasizing the pivotal role transparency plays, Maida underscored its significance in establishing a robust, accountable, and efficient institution.

Addressing the minister, Maida provided insights into his activities, vision, and strategic initiatives implemented since assuming office in October 2023. He highlighted the importance of building a solid foundation for the NCC, with transparency as a guiding principle, aiming to fortify the regulatory body and ensure its resilience in the dynamic telecommunications sector.

Maida stated that “Transparency is key. It is by transparency that we can self-regulate even as regulators. And by so doing, we would be putting ourselves on our toes, which in the long run will drive the Commission forward to achieve our goals of operational excellence.”

He expressed admiration for the minister’s exemplary leadership style, commending Dr. Bosun Tijani for setting a notable precedent in transparency within his leadership.

“Honourable Minister, sir, one of the principles you have shown as a leader is transparency in all your activities and I must say that it is an attribute that has the potential to bring about a transformed industry that is accountable to both the people and the industry players,” he said.

The Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Aminu Maida, extended his gratitude, conveyed through the Minister, to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu for entrusting him with the significant responsibility of leading a crucial sector of the economy.

During his visit, the EVC emphasized the importance of the occasion, noting that it provided him with a valuable opportunity to discuss his vision and priorities for the Commission with the Minister. Dr. Maida underscored that his outlined priorities were aligned with the objectives laid out in the 5-Pillars of the Strategic Plan unveiled by the Minister, demonstrating a commitment to synergize efforts in advancing the telecommunications sector.

“I have been on this seat for about six weeks, and it has afforded me the privilege of a bird’s eye view to understand things better, and identify areas that we urgently need to work on. We are currently carrying out an in-depth study and critical review of issues within the industry. One of the areas we are placing priority on is Quality of Experience”, Maida said to the Minister.

“At my meeting with industry leaders, we were unambiguous that quality of experience (QoE) will not be negotiable. The Commission will take compliance in this regard seriously, and a standard of what is least acceptable will be set,” he further stated.

Dr. Maida told the Minister that a key priority for him is enhancing broadband connectivity, recognizing it as a paramount facilitator of the digital economy and financial inclusion. He highlighted the alignment of these priorities with the Ministry’s 5-pillar agenda.

He delved into the significance of harnessing the potential of technological innovations, particularly emphasizing the transformative impact of the 5G revolution. He underscored the importance of leveraging such advancements to generate more opportunities within the industry and to further enhance overall connectivity.

Furthermore, Dr. Maida updated the Minister on an ongoing internal process review at the Commission, aimed at fostering efficiency and responsiveness. He specifically mentioned the digitization of many operational aspects, illustrating a commitment to modernizing and streamlining the Commission’s functions.

“Under my leadership, the Commission will give priorities to the improvement of our regulatory activities. With this, we hope to see more investors come into the telecommunications industry in Nigeria, with the attendant creation of vertical businesses and increased Foreign Direct Investments, revenue generation, and employment”, Maida stated.

“In all these, the goal is for the Commission to achieve optimal operational excellence which underpins the success of all other priority areas that we have set in order to achieve a significant all-round growth of the telecommunications industry,” The EVC also said.

Maida reminisced about his visit to the Digital Bridge Institute in Lagos, where he encountered an institution brimming with immense potential. He recognized the institute as a valuable asset that could play a pivotal role in propelling a knowledge-based economy, aligning seamlessly with the “Knowledge Pillar” outlined in the Strategic Plan unveiled by the minister.

“Consequently, we will be prioritizing the revamp, retooling, and redirection of the Institute towards extracting its optimum value in line with our objectives,” Maida stated.

Dr. Tijani extended a warm welcome Maida, expressing his acknowledgment of the telecom regulator’s crucial importance and relevance in realizing the nation’s digital aspirations.

“The NCC is a stellar agency, and you have my respect for the work that you do. There is no future for the country without the NCC. Already, the quality you have is good; what we need to do now is to tap into this quality to bring about greater value for the country,” Dr. Tijani said.

“I want to assure you that you have the best partner in me. We will work together to achieve the goals and vision we have set,” the Minister assured the Maida.

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