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I’ll turn north’s arable land to Nigeria’s oil and gold, says Peter Obi

Peter Obi, presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), says he will turn the arable land in the north to Nigeria’s new oil and gold.

Obi said this while speaking at an event organised by the Arewa joint committee in Kaduna, on Monday.

He said the domestic policy challenges have worsened the country’s problems.

“We are cognizant of the domestic policy challenges that have accumulated over time; and that the lack of adequate public policy responses has made them worse, with a devastating impact on national unity, social cohesion, public trust in government, and economic performance,” he said.

“We have a grasp of prevailing challenges. Nigeria’s needs and unmet needs are very huge. Yet hunger, insecurity, poverty and deprivation know no tribe, religion or gender.

“[We’ll] ensure that farmers return to all farmlands for the 2023 farming season. We will make Nigeria’s arable land in the north her new oil and gold.

“As part of our plan for education, we will foster federal intervention in education at all levels in the north and partnership with state governments and international organisations in order to improve access to affordable and quality education at all levels.

“[We’ll] ensure very adequate representation in government, equitable appointments especially in the security and economic sectors.”

Obi also said the north has the potential to drive economic prosperity for Nigeria.

“We shall pay as much attention to the development of the north as to the development of all parts of the country; but with much greater emphasis on the development of the agricultural resources,” he added.

“The north remains where the biggest ad sustainable wealth of this great nation lies.”

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