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AIT’s Adaora releases a provocative new book

Popular broadcast journalist, Adaora Onyechere Sydney-Jack, has released a new book, with an intriguing title, ‘Politics Pussy & Power: The demystification of social aberrations that have hindered the greatness of the human mind’.

Adaora, a co-anchor of Kakaki, a daily talk show on the African Independent Television (AIT), who is also a fervent gender advocate and founder of WEWE Network Afrique, said she chose the provocative title for her latest book, in order to unpretentiously unravel the transformative power of authentic connections and the destructive potential of exploitative pursuits.

According to the review of the book on Amazon books, Adaora in Politics, Pussy & Power, “Challenges conventions, providing fresh insights into politics and power. Her book empowers women and men alike by redefining the roles of power and femininity. Adaora’s words resonate worldwide, making her a global literary sensation.”

In this book, the author invites her readers to
join her on this “unforgettable expedition into the heart of human existence, where we discover the interplay of politics, pussy, and power, the forces that shape our world and beckon us to embrace the transformative potential within ourselves.”

‘Politics, Pussy, and Power,’ talks about the exhilarating journey and the dark underbelly of politics, where cunning manipulations and power plays reign supreme, and the rise of charismatic leaders alongside the shadows of deceit they cast, which often blurs the lines between genuine intent and Machiavellian tactics, are also revealed.

With thought-provoking insights and storytelling techniques, this book extends the conventional realm of politics, power and self preservation. It also offers a variety of experiences which resonate with all aspects of life.

Putting together real-life examples, fictional narratives and historical accounts, this book explores the complexities of power dynamics, human relationships and the pursuit of transformational change.

This book considers the inexplicable state of the word pussy, which represents a symbol of vulnerability and subjectivity relatively, the essence of demystifying the context and weakening it as a tool of feminine subjugation.

It unravels the transformative power of authentic connections and the destructive potential of exploitative pursuits.

Amidst the shadows and struggles, this book also presents a glimmer of hope for women in different fields of life, igniting transformative prototypes that has altered the course of history for good.

Additionally, it offers a beacon of empowerment, reminding readers that they also hold power within themselves to transform their immediate environment, and the globe, at large.

From the everyday actions that create ripples of change to the collective force of collaboration, this book instills the belief that each individual possesses the power to shape the world.

“Politics, Pussy, and Power” is a captivating exploration of the human experience – raw, enthralling, and enlightening. It challenges conventional notions, transcends boundaries, and beckons readers to contemplate their own agency in life’s theater.

In a world where power is both a potent force for transformation and a seductive tool for manipulation, this book inspires readers to wield their influence thoughtfully and compassionately.

It reminds us that as we navigate the complexities of human existence, our power lies not only in the pursuit of control but in our ability to connect, understand, and uplift one another.

Adaora, who is also a motivational speaker and poet, has published a number of motivational books, such as,
Poetry for Life,
Black Girl With A White Heart and Women In The World.
She also has an 8-track spoken word compilation.

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